A Little Bit About Me

Hi, my name is Ashley Nichols. I will be in 22, Dec.26th.I graduated high school from Gulf Shores High School. I'm going to the University of South Alabama.I'm a junior and majoring in Elementary Education. I wanted to become a teacher for the fact I love kids and I'm super excited to see what my future holds for me.I enjoy being in college. I have not once regreted being in college, it makes me stronger and stronger everyday and semester that goes by because I realize how much effort i have put into making my future possible.I couldn't ask for more, a special thanks to my parents, family,friends,and teachers for supporting me throughout college.

Teaching Procedures for My Classroom!!

Teaching is a big importance. One thing is to teach the kids manners and respect to the teacher, as well as others older than them. Another thing is to teach them what I want them to do each time they come into the classroom. I want to teach them that interacting with each other helps the others become more comfortable about the classroom environment. Giving rewards for certain things they do in the classroom will help motivate them into doing better each day. Doing arts and crafts where they can express themselves to take home to their parents. Working with them by teaching them how to write their names or how to write their A,B,C's will help them when entering the second grade. I also want to read them books and show them educational videos to enhance their learning become better.I think you should do your teaching in steps to make things easier for you and your students.

My Classroom Students Should be...

Aware that 1st grade is only the beginning of the harder future ahead. 1st grade in my opinion starts off the level of anticipation on bigger and better things to learn. 1st grade students now learn math, science, language,reading, history, and art. All of these classes will take effort from the student and the teacher on getting the student willing to learn all this material. Some of these courses might be a struggle for some students but you as the teacher have to encourage your students as each day goes by. This gives each student the motivation they need to keep going in doing their work. Students should also have trust in their teacher, in the fact that a teacher is their to talk to their student with any help that they need, this becomes a student-teacher relationship within the classroom environment. This makes the classroom a fun and encouraging class to work with.

College so far!!

I went to Faulkner State Community College for two years and enjoyed it a lot, I met new friends and got an easier start on college for being at a community college before university. I started at FSCC in August of 2006. I graduated with an Associate's Degree in Elementary Education in July of 2009. I then transferred to the University of South Alabama. I'm working on my Bachelor's Degree now and going all the way through to Master's Degree. My experience at the university has been very rocky but I've met new friends here too. i've had a rough start this semester not realizing how hard university was going to be, but I'm slowly but surely pushing myself to do the best of my ability whether it be right or wrong. I'm in hopes that I find an easy way out at the university so that it won't be as stressful as this semester was.


I plan to use some technology within my classroom. I want to plan to have my personal computer, my pocket-size camcorder, and a projector. I'm in hopes that the school I go to will allow me to teach blogging and teach the kids how to use the camcorder or a digital camera. I plan to use the projector when doing math or notes for an easier way to read it. I want to be able to share with the kids educational videos as well, so I'll probably use a television with a dvd player to show videos. I want to plan on using my personal computer to show my students how to blog and if it won't be allowed in the school they can return to their home if they have a computer and post blogs for my class. This is just a want to do thought but not known if it will go into effect. As of other technology purposes maybe if it will be allowed I will add more devices to the classroom, but until then just the ones I mentioned is a possibility.

Why I Want To Be A Teacher!!

I've always wanted to be a teacher, since I was younger. I enjoyed babysitting, assisting in the nursery for vacation bible school,read books to the kindergartens for a high school project, and took a parenting class for high school and had to take care of the electronic baby. All these things are simple things that helped me get closer and closer to my dream as a elementary school teacher. Kids have amazing talents and that is one thing that gets me wowed and excites me about becoming a teacher. Although teaching kids sometimes has it flaws, I'm still ready for becoming my dream as a K-3rd grade teacher.